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Harrison County Soil & Water Conservation District

In 1940, KY General Assembly passed KRS 262, enabling the creation of soil & water conservation districts. In June 1945, the Harrison County Soil & Water Conservation District was established.

The mission of the Harrison County Conservation District is to promote conservation and development of all renewable and nonrenewable natural resources in Harrison County.


We do this by assisting and educating landowners, land users, citizens, and children; and by coordinating federal, state, and local resources. In so doing, the conservation district is authorized to undertake, sponsor, or participate in projects and activities that promote the conservation, development, maintenance, and use of the land, water, trees, and other natural resources of Harrison County.

The Harrison County Soil & Water Conservation District is located at the USDA Cynthiana Service Center at 103 Rodgers Park Drive, Cynthiana, Kentucky 41031.  The conservation district is a partner with the Natural Resource Conservation Service.

The District is represented by a board of seven elected officials who meet monthly to conduct district business and ensure the office is running smoothly.  District board meetings are held on the second Monday of every month at the Harrison County Conservation District office; 7:30 pm EST April - October and 6:30 pm EST November - March. All meetings are open to the public. All special meetings are announced and held according to KY State Law.

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District Board Supervisors

The board is made up of seven elected officials that serve four year terms. In 2023, elections were held to appoint the executive board. Paul Tucker was elected as Board Chairman; Jennifer Burgan was elected as Vice-Chairperson; Russell Gray was elected as Board Treasurer; and Nick Farmer was elected as Board Secretary. Board members are William (Bill) Roberts, Leslie Bebensee, and Jennifer Yazell.


Paul Tucker - Chairperson

Supervisor since 1983

Jennifer Burgan - Vice-Chair

Supervisor since 2007
Jennifer B 2.jpg

Russell Gray - Treasurer

Supervisor since 2015

Nick Farmer - Secretary

Supervisor since 2014

William Roberts - Supervisor

Supervisor since 2017
Supervisor since 2023

Leslie Bebensee - Supervisor

Leslie 2.jpg
Jennifer Yazell (2)_edited.jpg

Jennifer Yazell - Supervisor

Supervisor since 2023
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